Our company, PAÑALES PARA TODOS ®, was born more tan seven years ago. Since the beginning we have dreamed of the future of a company closely related to the needs of sanitary disposable material manufacturers.

We are interested in improving constantly the quality of our products. Moreover, we develop our work sincerely and respect each one of our customers.

In PAÑALES PARA TODOS ® we manufacture and sell inputs for disposable diapers for children and adults.
It is important to remark that we respect people who use products made with our inputs, getting a great experience through direct contact with them.

This experience has allowed us to know these people’s needs in order to improve the quality of our products.

Among our customers we can name

- PAMI (competing quality and price)
- Geriatric Clinics in Capital city and other Argentinian provinces
- Diapers Companies
- Cooperative Associations

Because all this we are convinced of offering an excellent provision and technical assistance service, with a convenient cost, giving the best of ourselves in each one of our products.