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Polythene Film: It is used in the external part of the diaper, and it helps to avoid the liquids running off the diaper. It can also take the appearance of a material- kind finish when a layer of not woven material is added by means of sheeting using thermofusible adhesives or by a direct extrusion of polythene over the material.

Thermofusible Adhesives: This material is used to stick the different components of the diaper, such as the pad (absorbent part) and the elastics. They are made from the fusion of oilcloth, resin and taquificators.

Filtering Material: It belongs to the internal cover of the diaper, which is in contact with the baby’s skin. It allows the access of liquids inside the diaper. One of the remarkable properties of this material is the use of a surfactant that impregnates to the material during the process. This additive decreases the superficial tension, allowing the access of liquids.

Cintas Laterales: They are used to improve the diaper adjustment to the baby’s body. The bands are made from thermofusible adhesives. They can also be made with material- kind finish, by sheeting a layer of not woven material. More recently Velcro –like versions have been added for the highest layers of the market, such as our diaper Natural Baby Supreme, and the Soriana Supreme brand.

Frontal Band: It is used to allow multiple reapplications of the side bands over the diaper, avoiding the possibility of tearing the plastic film. It is made from polipropylene in a process called BOPP and it is put in the diaper through thermofusible adhesives. A band made from small rings can also be used. This band allows a mechanical closing similar to Velcro.

Cellulose Loaf: It is used in the construction of the pad, or absorbent part. It gives the diaper integrity and absorption capacity. It is made from pines pulp and because of this it is considered a biodegradable material. The liquids are absorbed due to the capillarity phenomenon among the fibers, the empty spaces and the superficial tension angle in relation to the water.
The compound tissue paper within the cellulose loaf is used to help in the production process, as a transport system. Moreover, it helps to move the liquids inside the diaper. This paper is made in a process of trees pulp extraction, called Kraft process.

Cotton Loaf: It is also used to replace the cellulose loaf due to its low cost and more efficiency. The customer is able to change the absorption components according to his needs, because of its high efficiency in the price-product relationship.

Absorbent Gel: Also known as Super Absorbent or SAP (super absorbent polymer), it is usually used in a granular shape, similar to sea sand. It helps to improve the disposable diaper capacity and gives it more liquids retention. This allows diapers to be thinner without losing their absorption. The Hydrogen in water (H-O-H) is trapped by the acrylate terminals thanks to the polar charges generated among the atoms. The linear configurations have got a lower absorption capacity than the not linear configurations, but instead, the linear structures have got a higher liquid retention than the not linear, due to the higher polar strength (less distance between the polar charges).

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