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Pañales para Todos in the Venezuelan market.[video]

We officially represent CARLETTIS company in Argentina, with its central seat in Sao Pablo- Brasil. It is the major South American company in machinery manufacturing for diapers and disposable hygienic material production.

Our equipments have been designed for the big, medium and small scale production of diapers for baby, young people and adults in every size, feminine towels, diapers protectors, diapers for veterinary use and other products.

All our equipments count with “SAVE ENERGY” system, which allows them to save 10% electric energy waste.


- Manual Children Diapers Machine- 50 IM
- Children Diapers Machine- 75 IA and 100 IA
- Children Diapers Machine- 150 IA
- Children Diapers Machine- 200 IA
- Children Diapers Machine- 250 IA
- Young People Diapers Machine
- Adults Diapers Machine
- Feminine Absorbent Machine
- Children and Adults Blanket Manchine
- Veterinary use diapers Machine


Diapers in every size for children, young people and adults. Breasts protectors. Absorbent for geriatric incontinence. Absorbent blankets for hospital beds. Bibs. Hospital sheets. Carpets and products for dogs and cats. Veterinary products.


Our machines are joined, tested and proved with the quality control department checking, before going out of the production line.


The machines are completely removable for their transport.


Our sales department also counts with used equipments, reaconditioned like new equipment with guarantee. There are, in this way, different options according to the customer’s budget.